At the Table… In the Port Museum

The cuisine of a port is a reflection of its history, its geographical position, its traditions, the knowledge of all the people who met there. In the harbours you can taste a cosmopolitan flavour: the aromas and ingredients of the land and sea, from near and far, are blended in the kitchen. Fish is the protagonist of the preparations, accompanied by vegetables from the hinterland, cooked according to often ancient local traditions, scented with Mediterranean herbs or exotic spices. But there is not only fish. There are legumes and cereals, vegetables and meat, cheeses and cold cuts from other countries and from the hinterland.
  • Bar Friggitoria Porto Vecchio
    Tricase Porto, Banchina Sud del Porto Vecchio
    FB: @PortoVecchioTricase
  • Ristorante “A Casa Mia”
    Tricase Porto, Via Santa Marcellina, 1
    FB: @acasamiatricase
  • Ristorante 119
    Tricase, Piazza Marinai d’Italia
  • Marpesca Srl
    Tricase, Via Sandro Pertini, 1
  • Alimentari Al Porto
    Tricase Porto, Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo