By Sea… In the Port Museum

Sailing in the Otranto Canal, in the extreme south-east of Italy, observing the high cliff crowned by a thick vegetation of Mediterranean maquis, largely still uncontaminated. Climb the wind on the historic lateen sail boats of the Museum of Traditional Boats or on the small optimist and fast lasers. Go out to sea with the fishermen for a fishing trip, made even more exciting by the stories and anecdotes of those who live the sea every day. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the coast of Tricase to discover the beauty of a sea barely touched by the hand of man.
  • Associazione Magna Grecia Mare
    Association for the protection and diffusion of traditional seafaring and the marine environment. Co-founder (together with CIHEAM Bari, the Municipality of Tricase and the Natural Regional Park “Costa Otranto Santa Marina di Leuca and Bosco di Tricase”) and animator and coordinator of the Port Museum of Tricase
    FB: @magnagreciamareassociation
  • Lega Navale Italiana section of Tricase
    Public body with an associative base that aims to spread interest and attention to issues related to the sea. It organizes sporting events such as the Magna Grecia Cup, Ionian Cup, art exhibitions on the theme “The Sea”, sailing courses for children, cultural events
    FB: @leganavaletricase
  • Deep Water Diving
    Present in Salento territory since 1999. It organizes and offers a series of activities, diving courses and other services to discover the seabed of Salento and their secrets
  • Hobby Nautica
    Tricase, Industrial Zone
  • Sea Salento Escursioni
    Gagliano del Capo, Via Amerigo Vespucci
  • Fishing tourism
    Raffaella, Daniela, Anime Sante and San Marco are the boats that are currently dedicated to this type of activity. Embarking on board, it is not only possible to go out to sea with real fishermen and live the real experience of a traditional fishing trip, but also to discover so much about traditional fishing techniques, equipment, fish and the seasonality of the catch, listen to curiosities and anecdotes, romance tales of the sea, stock up on freshly caught fish and/or taste it on board, cooked according to the most genuine tradition.