Marina Serra: the Sanctuary, the Tower, the Pool

Marina Serra is the second marina of the Municipality of Tricase, located on the road that from the Port of Tricase, heading south, leads to S. Maria di Leuca “de finibus terrae”. Marina Serra is a small pearl set on the slopes of the Serra del Calino, a high and splendid cliff overlooking the sea. In its context are to be visited: The Sanctuary of the Madonna SS Assunzione (Madonna della Serra) is located right on the coastal road and is a small church that dates back to the 16th century. Attacked during a Saracen raid, it suffered the outrage of seeing the furnishings and sacred images contained inside, destroyed and thrown overboard. Legend has it that the image of the Madonna was brought back to our coast by the waves of the sea on August 15, the day of the Assunzione. From the Sanctuary, going down to the sea, you will find the Palane Tower, one of the coastal towers, still intact, belonging to the defensive system wanted by Charles V. At the foot of the tower, a cove with crystal clear waters attracts many tourists every year and the beware of numerous magazines such as National Geographic and tourist guides of the caliber of Lonely Planet. The swimming pool is the result of the stone excavations carried out for the construction of the surrounding houses.