Palazzo dei Principi Gallone

Tricase is the only city in Europe to boast 5 castles that are located between the centre and its hamlets. The Palazzo dei Principi Gallone, home of the princes of Tricase and today town hall, is certainly the most important and stands in the heart of the historic center of Tricase, overlooking Giuseppe Pisanelli. Built in 1661, it is a magnificent building with 4 floors and that, as was tradition, has 365 rooms, one for each day of the year. On the east side of the castle stands the famous and oldest “Turris Magna”, the large fourteenth-century tower on which the Gallon Princes built the body of their palace. Inside it still preserves its ancient prisons, on whose walls are visible the graffiti made by the many prisoners who had the misfortune of being their guests. The fate of some of them, condemned to be locked up to starvation, earned her the macabre nickname of “Tower of Hunger”. On the opposite side there is the Torre Piccola (Small Tower), a defensive construction with a square base, belonging to the oldest part of the castle, which was incorporated into the rest of the structure around the eighteenth century, during the expansion of the Palace up until 1960.