The festival of Saint Symeon’s

One of the most important and biggest festivals of the region of Western Greece, is the traditional festival of Saint Symeon’s which takes place twice a year, on February and on June. It is important to mention that the fest during winter time (February), lasts over than 24 hours, where the summer one (June), keeps a duration of three days in raw.

For a visitor who wants to feel the traditional vibes of the area and be a part of its unique local spirit, the festival of Saint Symeon is the most representative fest that he could attend. The festival of Saint Symeon’s is a custom with historical, religious, musical and dance dimensions in Mesologgi and is connected with the heroic events of city’s Exodus. It is one of the most beautiful celebrations in Mesologgi and it was inscribed on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece in 2018.

Organization contact

  • Cultural Association of Ai Symios Festival

Stakeholders involved

  • Cultural Association of Ai Symios Festival
  • Municipality of Mesolonghi