The Rena and the Sette Bocche

Located around the ancient port of the Port of Tricase, it is a complex mainly dedicated to social participation and integration, to the enhancement and promotion of every initiative, product and service related to the sea and the land and their respective supply chains. It rises in the oldest part of the Port of Tricase, on the ancient beach and among the ancient caves used by fishermen and merchants to carry out their activities and businesses over the centuries. It is managed by the Port Museum of Tricase and is available to those who want to use it for appointments, exhibitions, meetings and seminars, a site dedicated to young people, their organizations and their projects related to cultural, environmental and tourist valorisation of the territory. It hosts several cultural, formational and divulgation events in addition to exhibition shows, cured by the Permanent Cultural Center, by the Media-library of the Sea and by the School of Ancient Seafaring as well as gastronomical events and laboratories, national and international, organised by the Yard of Taste of the Port Museum of Tricase.