Centre of Engraving Art – Museum “Vasso Katraki”

The Center of Engraving Art is located in the birthplace of the artist Vasso Katraki, in Etoliko and is where the work of the latter is being permanently exposed. The building is located on the east side of Aetoliko at the edge of the lake. It is the only center of purely engraving art throughout both Greece and Europe. Here, the visitors are offered the opportunity to admire the work of the avant-gardist, for her time, Vasso Katraki, who bequeathed about four hundred artworks to her hometown. Furthermore, the museum hosts a workshop for engraving, her library, records and rich photographic material together with works of other major artists. Finally, the space has been properly fashioned to allow its operation as a School of Engraving Art as well.