The Project

The overall objective of Muse project is developing, enhancing and linking port museums as natural and cultural heritage sites.

The Port-Museum is a dynamic place of research, collection, exchange and deepening of knowledge linked to the traditions of the sea and of coastal communities.

Muse project has a clear strategy, based on the involvement of local stakeholders: fishermens, carpenters, cookers, local associations that through their “day-to-day” work, preserve over the time the traditional lifestyle of the maritime community.

The concept of ‘port museum’ was born from the idea of investing in culture and nature to guarantee the social and economic sustainable development in coastal and marine areas, starting from the Apulian regional legislation (regional law n. 15 of the 6th July 2011) and the experiences of “eco museums” in many European countries.

Together with local community, MUSE project aims to build and strenght an Adriatic – Ionian network of Ports Museum; it includes the port museum already created (in Tricase, Italy) and areas where the natural and cultural heritage linked to the values of port museums exist but are not fully established and developed in Corfu and Messolonghi, in Greece.

Lead Partner of the project is the Municipality of Tricase; the project partners are CIHEAM BARI, the Municipality of Messolonghi, the Port Authority of Corfu and the European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC-Greece).

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