The Cisternone of the Port

Located below the historic San Nicola Square, which faces the old water mirror of the Port of Tricase, it is a huge cistern built in the early 1900s, to collect both the groundwater and rainwater that flowed towards the sea, filter it to make it drinkable and put it at the service of the entire port area and the community of Borgo dei Pescatori. The Cisternone allowed to withdraw water through a fountain placed directly on the quay of the port, as well as from a mouth located on the square. Disused since the end of the First World War and anyway since the construction of the Apulian aqueduct, it is a space recently restored and returned to the community, becoming another access point (accessible to disabled people) of the Port Museum. Inside, thanks to the help of monitors and illustrative and didactic panels, visitors can acquire the initial information in order to better appreciate the visit to the ecomuseum structures, learn basic knowledge on the history of the port and the city and be informed about scheduled events.